Project lead time is challenging year by year and supply of products shall have to be ensured on time. Expediting is an integral service TTS can offer along with Third Party Inspection services. The expediting will commence right from order acknowledgement by the manufacturer and cover the vital stages like ordering of raw material (especially long lead item, which could be an imported part), Drawing and document submission and key manufacturing stages, up to packing and dispatching. Last but not the least, the final document submission by the manufacturer. Expediting will forewarn, in case of undue delay in a particular stage.

Periodical expediting report will be submitted to customers. During the Procurement Phase, Techmas experts provide supply chain services such as: assess auditing vendors, inspecting equipment at manufacturers’ sites, supervising and examining the production of components and undertaking assembly checks. The surveillance of the manufacturing process for equipment is critical in order to verify quality, cost control and on-time delivery. The overall aim is to remain compliant with the approved design and to verify consistent quality during fabrication, thereby avoiding the potential for cost increases and delayed projects. The services are built to be compatible and can be combined to generate efficiency, consistency, and optimization.