1. Second & Third party inspection services: Second party & third party inspection covering Raw materials, components, Assemblies & equipment, field Quality assurance, project monitoring & expediting to all major oil & gas companies, engineering firms & Installation contractors world wide.

2. Expediting services: Meeting timelines and budget is critical to any successful project. Material and long lead equipment delivery has one of the largest cost and time impacts on project schedule. Hours of planning can go wrong if adequate level of follow up on project materials is not undertaken. TTSPL offers expediting services to its clients who are desirous of monitoring the status of the delivery at specific stages of manufacturing. The following activities are included as part of expediting:

  • Following up on production plans
  • Identifying delays and reviewing cause-effect with other suppliers
  • Exploring and recommending measures
  • Identifying issues and escalating decision requirements
  • Field and desk expediting
  • Supplier performance rating
  • Monitoring dispatch of material in line with delivery schedule
  • Reporting

3. Procurement support services: Procurement Support Services for any contractor, Trading & stockist who are placing any type of orders in the India (Mechanical, Electrical , Instrumentation)

We also provide vendor prequalification audit, complete expediting, Inspection of ordered material, Act as local agent to make sure order can be delivered at right time with good quality.)

4. Certification & Training: TTSPL Training Services delivers public and onsite courses as well as customized courses for you and your organizations specific needs.

5. Man power supply: Techmas has been able to provide / second engineers for various projects in India and overseas for short, medium and long durations. The past experience, good understanding of the industry and the expertise in short listing the right candidate for the right position places TTS in a good stead to cater to the requirements of the clients promptly.

We are quality partners for a wide spectrum of core infrastructure companies: Refineries, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Cross Country Pipelines and Power Plants.

• Saudi Arabian Oil company (Saudi Aramco), KSA

• Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), KSA

• Samsung Engineering and Company Limited, Korea

• SK Engineering & Construction Limited, Korea

• Campbell Associates Singapore

• CTCI Corporation, PRC, Taiwan

• Bonnati S.P.A, Saudi Arabia

• Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait

• Kuwait Oil Corporation (KOC), Kuwait

• Gulf Consolidated Contractors Company, KSA

• Trouvay & Cauvin, Dubai

• Alderley FZE, Dubai

• Alderley Industrial, KSA

• Velosi Certification, Kuwait

• Velosi Certification, Europe

• NAMA Mott MacDonald, Abu Dhabhi

• GAS Arabian Services, KSA

• Sungchang & A.Al-Shaikh Contaracting Co Ltd(SAACO), KSA

• H.K Al-Sadiq Sons Contracting Co. Ltd, KSA

• Dayim Punj Lloyd Private Limited, KSA

• Eram International Private Limited,KSA

• Hyundai Engineering Company Limited' Korea


• PDO Oman, Oman

• International Agent for Inspection & Testing Services EST, KSA
• Yanbu Refinery Plant

• Shaybah Central Processing Facilities (CPF)

• Khurias Central Processing Facilities

• Khurais Downstream Pipelines Project

• Sulphur Plant Upgrade Phase II – Shedgum & Uthmaniah Gas Plant

• KAUST Central Utility Plant Project

• Manifa Off-Shore Platform Project

• Haradh Gas Plant Project

• Karan Utilities & Co-generation Project

• Jubail Export Refinery project

• Manifa Gas facilities

• Rastanura Project (Increase RTDB-1 Pipeline Capacity)

• Badraoil field development project, Iraq

• CO2 Project

• Wasit downstream pipeline project

• Wasit inlet & gas processing facilities

• Wasit Cogeneration & Steam Generation Project

• Tatweer new well mainifold facilities project

• Madden Aluminium project

• Saudi Aramco - Jubail Crude II-BI-903 Project

• Abu Tubul Block 60 - Gas Processing Plant

• Wasit Cogeneration & Steam Generation Project

• Bualuang field development - blpmb

• King Abdullah petroluim studies and research centre (kapsarc)

• Wasit Lateral lines Tie-In Project @ BGP& KGP

• Rush lake Commercial Project, Canada

• Luberef Yanbu Refinery Expansion Project

• Habshan Direct Depressurising Project, Abu Dhabhu

• Arabiyah & Hasbah Offshore and Onshore Facilities Projects

• Senoro Gas Development Project, Indonasia

• Petronas Carigali Kinabalu Project, Malaysia

• Habshan Direct Depressurising Project, Abu Dhabhi

TECHMAS have well qualified & experienced Aramco Approved Inspectors

Our inspectors having qualifications in following modules:

QM03 Gen Mechanical / QM-04 NDE / QM06 Fabricated Pipe / QM07 Valves / QM08 Fittings / QM09 Gaskets / QM-12 Coating / QM14 Fasteners / QM-15 Structural steel / QM-26 Rotating (Pump) / QM- 30 Pressure vessel / QM-31 Heat exchanger / QM-35 Skid equip (Mechanical) / QM37 Control Valves.

Our engineers have been also approved by various international inspection agencies such as SABIC; AOC; KNPC; KOC, Kuwait; PDO Oman, PED & KBR to perform inspection of their commodities (Valves, Fittings, Rotary equipments, Pressure vessels etc) ordered at various manufacturers in India.

Our inspectors not only in reporting accurately the QC matters during manufacturing, but also to look ahead & recognize potential situations, before they develop. We are confident to offer such expertise & service through our skilled staff that can be invaluable not only the quality of product but also ensure timely delivery.

TTSPL has successfully established itself as a highly PROFESSIONALORGANIZATION with the competence to succeed in the tough competitive market conditions of today. TTSPL has very highly ambitious plans & objectives toachieve much more and is determined to contribute more actively to the development of Global business environment.